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Guatemala Real Estate
Information about Guatemala
Guatemala  is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize to the northeast, the Caribbean to the east, and Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast. Its size is just under 110,000 km² with an estimated population of 13,000,000.

A representative democracy, its capital is Guatemala City. Guatemala's abundance of biologically significant and unique ecosystems contribute t...o Mesoamerica's designation as a biodiversity hotspot.

Guatemala City is home to many of the nation's libraries and museums, including the National Archives, the National Library, and the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology, which has an extensive collection of Maya artifacts. There are private museums, such as the Ixchel, which focuses on textiles, and the Popol Vuh, which focuses on Maya archaeology. Both museums are housed inside the Universidad Francisco Marroquín campus. Almost each of the 329 municipalities in the country has a small museum.
Guatemala City
Guatemala City (in full, La Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción; locally known as Guatemala or Guate) is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala. It is also the capital city of the local Guatemala Department and the largest city in Central America and the Caribbean. The city is located in a mountain valley by the name of Valle de la Ermita in the south central part of the country. Guatemala City is the economic, governmental and cultural capital of the Republic, and it functions as the main port of entry into the country, with the country's largest international airport, La Aurora International Airport. In addition to a wide variety of restaurants, hotels and shops, the city has a wide variety of art galleries and museums (including some fine collections of Pre-Columbian art) and continually offers an increasing amount of cultural activities.
Biggest cities
Mixco is a municipality in the Guatemala department of Guatemala. Located next to the main Guatemala City municipality, over time it has become part of the Guatemala City metropolitan area. Most of Mixco is separated from the city by canyons, for which a multitude of bridges have been created. Ciudad San Cristóbal, one of Guatemala's largest cities, is located in this municipality. It is has the second biggest city in Guatemala.
Villa Nueva
Villa Nueva is a municipality in the Guatemala department of Guatemala. It is located 16 km (8mi.) south of Guatemala City and has a population of some 400,000 people. It was founded on 17 April 1763, long before Guatemala declared its independence from the Spanish Empire. The local economy largely depends on industry, with the municipality having some 25 factories that produce such products as textiles, metallurgical goods, and plastics. Also rice, dairy and produce.
Quetzaltenango, more commonly known as Xela is the second most populous city of Guatemala, after Guatemala City. It is both the capital of Quetzaltenango Department and the municipal seat of Quetzaltenango municipality. It has an estimated population of 300,000. The population is about 65% indigenous or Amerindian, 32% Mestizo or ladino, and 3% European. Quetzaltenango is located in a mountain valley at an altitude of 2,333 meters (7,655 ft) above sea level.
Escuintla is a city in south central Guatemala. It is the capital of the Department of Escuintla and the administrative seat of Escuintla municipality. In 2003 the city had a population of about 68,000 people. It is on the border of the central highlands and the Pacific coastal plain.
Quetzal (GTQ)
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